Darren Seet



Darren is a registered Architect with experience working on projects of varying scale and complexity in Australia, Singapore, and London. With a focus on the Education sector and project delivery, Darren is committed to collaborative communication to deliver high level outcomes within the client, consultant and contractor team. He is an avid supporter of BIM platforms and Revit.

From 2008-2010, Darren was a key member of the consortium team who designed, documented and administered the contract for the Education Works New Schools Projects PPP, commonly referred to as the ‘Super Schools’. He
was the lead contributor to the Adelaide West Specialist Education Centre site, which received a CEFPI Australasia Region Educational Facilities Commendation Award in 2011. Darren has been regularly involved in governmental projects with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and the design and delivery of multiple school projects in SA. In addition to his work in Education, Darren has also worked on retail projects, aged care and correctional services.

Abroad, Darren has been involved in heritage redevelopment projects, large scale public housing apartments, and design competitions in Asia and also Russia. Work with a wide variety of stakeholder groups has enabled Darren to
provide valuable outcomes in the delivery of client expectations and project requirements.



Halifax Street Townhouses
Mt. Gambier Prison Administration

Mt. Gambier Prison 112 Bed Accommodation
Mt. Gambier High School (STEM Upgrade)
Mt. Gambier North Primary School (STEM Upgrade)

University of Adelaide Union House
KOJO Adelaide
Pembroke Middle School Development

Education Works New School Projects

St. David’s Parish School
Westminster School
Wilderness School Redevelopment

Evanston Gardens Primary School
Christie Downs Primary School